Mobile Printer, Marking & Date Coding Solved!

Need an affordable mobile printer, handheld printer, or thermal inkjet expiry date printer with an easy-to-master user interface and quality backing?

Enter our Advanced High Speed Date Code Printers ready for anything? We cover the generation of Continuous Inkjet, Thermal Inkjest (TIJ) Printing and Marking Systems.

Mobile Printer & Handheld Marking Bliss!

CMARKED works with a variety of brands to source the best in coding technology for our select clients all over Africa. Brand loyalty stops when the business machine you purchased stops your business dead! Our support and after sales service comes with a solid guarentee that you will be dealing with a friendly and competent ‘human’ all the way…

Complete traceability and compliance with the ever-increasing demands of niche industry regulations means looking at insdustrial Marking and Date Code Systems in a new way. Especialy when running a botteling plant.

Gone are the days of overpriced and complicated systems!

Advances in technology has enabled a new breed of handheld mobile printer, barcode printer, and expiry date printer to emerge. These units are suited for small to medium ‘best by’, ‘lot codes’, ‘sell by’, and ‘expiration datess’, as well as small character codes on industrial and consumer goods of all shapes and sizes. See our top perfmorning handheld printers and know that your mobile coding needs have been met with no hassle!

CMARKED is your one stop solution for the most advanced mobile printers and date coding systems available.

Print, Mark and Date Code Anything!

The CMARKED selection of Date Code and Mobile Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Printer Solutions include a wide range of the top printers from industrial date code printing systems to inks, and specialist supplies. Print real-time dates, sell-by dates, expiration dates and apply a variety of other quality control and identification marks on goods. We also go the extra mile and offer practical training, workshops and ongoing support to ensure your chosen date coding or expiry printing is always running!

High Speed. Non-Contact. Durable Design!

Best in range Code CIJ and TIJ Handheld Mobile Date Code Printers

Date code printers by BestCode - Gridak South Africa
Date code printers by BestCode - Gridak South Africa
Date coders by BestCode - Gridak South Africa
Date coders by BestCode - Gridak South Africa

The RYNAN TIJ Printer Series is a high quality coding and marking system with TIJ2.5 technology including:

  • The unit features a touch screen
  • Dual print head support
  • Print up to 50mm
  • Perfect for case-coding applications
  • Longer print throw distance
  • Suitable for uneven packaging surfaces.

The Next Level of Affordable Thermal Inkjet Mobile Printing Machines in Your Hands!

Date coders by BestCode - Gridak South Africa
Date coders by BestCode - Gridak South Africa
Date coders by BestCode - Gridak South Africa
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