“The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.”

– Hazrat Inayat Kahn

Ear we are now.

Czava Sonic is about more than the thrill of sweet auditory escape or the allure of fleeting stardom. No matter what race, age, creed, or country; music transcends all social boundaries, articulates raw emotion and sparks the air electric wherever it is heard.

For us, it’s about the pure pleasure and sensational thrill of feeling it rise and become a living-breathing-singing-dancing force, which calms the beast, inflames the senses and soothes the soul. Around here, Music is not only our business; it is our therapy of choice.

It is not the King but the trumpet that sends the army into battle.

Czava Sonic is a vibrant and resourceful Creative Music Agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa, but making waves around the world. We offer clients a full spectrum of music licensing, compositions, and sound production services. We source, compose, and produce music for TV, Film, Advertising, Games, and for Music’s sake.

Instead of entertaining a crowd on stage with smoke and mirrors, we choose to burn the midnight oil chasing down soundtracks, riffs, and subtle rhythms and passionate about transforming these vibrations into something that expresses raw emotion and captivates the senses.

Photo by kind permission of Gavin Whitner


From Punk, Reggae, Jazz, and Pop, to Rap, R&B, Big Swing Orchestras, and Hip Hop, our music catalogue will ROCK your world. Each track that makes it into our catalogue is handpicked for it’s proven ability to resonate with visuals of equal quality, depth and production value.

As self-confessed movie and music mongers we are acutely aware of trends and continually adding emerging bands and new musicians to our stable.

Whether it’s an emotive orchestral score, a catchy corporate lullaby, a bad-ass-drop-the-mic slam poet, or a blockbuster TV spot, we can do something authentic, original, and down-right epic together.

Our composers, session musicians, and engineers will work with you to create not just another snazzy soundtrack, but a magnum opus worthy of its place in history. But, on a budget, of course…


As a team of exceptionally flexible, dedicated and highly experienced sound engineers, producers, and composers with close to 25 years worth of real world experience (and connections), we can help you track down the perfect sound for your next TV commercial, Brand Video, Film trailer, or media project.

Should our growing catalogue or fully personalized and in-depth searches not suit the objectives of your brief, our relationships with a range of major record labels and music publishers will ensure that you get exactly what you want, when you need it.

MUSIC licensing

Advertising is still a predominantly visually driven medium. This means that to be seen trumps to be heard and bigger is always “bestest”. But, when it comes to really grabbing attention and making memories vision cannot hold a candle to the power of sound.

With over two decades worth of real world experience, our team has produced soundtracks and obtained copyright approvals for some of the most noteworthy musicians and artists working in TV, Film, and Radio, today. You can afford the stars. Simply ask.

Sound power

Sound has the power to increase the emotional impact of any message, especially when it is expertly engineered to strike the right chord with the right audience at the right time. While the availability of talent can never be guaranteed, we are in the unique position to help you secure permission from third parties quickly and efficiently. To get your listeners grooving to rhythmic memories they won’t easily forget, contact us today.

The 400 Club “Confession”

Radio Promotion
 Club 400 & MTV Arabia

Coca-Cola FIFA Trophy Tour

Radio Promotion
 Coca-Cola & FIFA

Mercato Mall
English & Arabic

Radio Promotion
 Mercato Mall, Dubai

Child Welfare SA Amore & Joost

Radio Promotion
 Amore Vitone & Joost 

Keg Pubs

Nokia N78
English & Arabic

Blackcat Power Tune Radio Rap

“Favourite Things”

Work with us

Do you have a passion for music? Are you any good? Tough questions, we know. If you thing you have what it takes to inspire and engage millions with your unique and original style or tone, let’s talk. CAUTION: We are not a record label and will therefore not ask for your immortal soul upon signing with us. Oh, yes. It’s truer than you think.