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Every now and then an idea pops up and one can’t do anything but act on that inspiration.

The Jesus Selfie

  • 100 million impressions Worldwide
  • 909,000 views on YouTube
  • 50 million shares on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • 2 million hits to www.theflashpack.co.uk
  • 400,000 results on Google
  • 10,000 backlinks from major, trusted websites
  • Increased subscriber database by 600%
  • Increased customer base by 1500%

How did we do it? Simply Google ‘Jesus Selfie’ or see the original article here.

Shorty Awards 2015

Gold Honour

Best use of Meme

Shorty Award 2015


Best use of Photography in Social Media

Smarta100 Awards 2014


Best use of Marketing Award

Smarta100 Awards 2014

Best PR Tactical

Best Public Relations Tactical Award

Travel Marketing Award 2015

 Platinum Winner

The Flash Pack were the only Platinum Award winners in 2015!

UK Social Media Awards 2014

Best Viral Campaign

The campaign won five awards, beating Expedia, Tui, Red Bull and Booking.com

The Flah Pack (UK)

The Flah Pack (UK)

2 Million Visitors in 48 hours!

“We needed help with inbound marketing for the world cup in Rio and your approach and refreshing content was exactly what we were looking for. Your team’s commercial savvy, results-led approach and ability to create incredibly beautiful things out of nothing helped our campaign go viral and grow a loyal following. We went viral in 48 hours and your stunning work was lifted and used by Time Magazine, Thrill List, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, BBC, Daily Show with John Stewart and CNN. I hope you showed your Mom all the awards! Thank you Danny-boy the pipes truly came calling on this one!”

Radha Vyas & Lee Thompson, Founders
The Flash Pack – London